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Studio Address
Color Me Mine
301 South Hills Village
Suite 1025
Pittsburgh (South Hills), Pennsylvania 15241

Phone Number
412-854-1074 Phone
Studio Hours
11-6 Sunday
10-9 Monday
10-9 Tuesday
10-9 Wednesday
10-9 Thursday
10-9 Friday
10-9 Saturday

Driving Directions . . .

Your address:

From Erie,(North)
Erie, PA Continue to I-79 S
1. Head northwest on State St toward N Park Row 2.9 mi / 8 min
2. Turn left onto W Bayfront Pkwy0.4 mi 2.5 mi
Follow I-79 S to PA-50 W in Collier. Take exit 55 from I-79 S129 mi / 1 h 54 min
3. Continue onto I-79 S (signs for Pittsburgh)
4. Keep right at the fork to stay on I-79 S
5. Take exit 55 toward Heidelberg/Collier112 mi 16.9 mi 0.5 mi
Take Vanadium Rd, Painters Run Rd and Fort Couch Rd to South Hills Village in Bethel Park
4.8 mi / 14 min
6. Turn right onto PA-50 W (signs for Kirwan Heights)0.2 mi
7. Turn left onto Vanadium Rd0.2 mi
8. Continue onto Montgomery Ave0.3 mi
9. Slight right onto Vanadium Rd0.7 mi
10. Turn right onto Bower Hill Rd0.4 mi
11. Turn left onto Painters Run Rd0.9 mi
12. Turn right onto McMillan Rd0.2 mi
13. Turn left onto Fort Couch Rd1.8 mi
14. Turn right onto Village Dr0.1 mi
15. Turn right onto South Hills Village
Destination will be on the right
301 S Hills Village Pittsburgh, PA 15241

From Maryland
Get on I-97 N from Cecil Ave and MD-3 N3.7 mi / 7 min
1. Head west on Goldfinch Ln toward Woodrail Dr413 ft
2. Turn right onto Woodrail Dr0.2 mi
3. Turn left onto Tanager Dr0.4 mi
4. Turn right onto Severn Chapel Rd0.1 mi
5. Turn right onto Cecil Ave1.2 mi
6. Turn left onto Millersville Rd0.3 mi
7. Sharp right onto MD-3 N1.0 mi
8. Use the left 2 lanes to merge onto I-97 N via the ramp to Baltimore0.4 mi

Take I-70 W and I-68 W to US-40 W in 3, Grantsville. Take exit 14B from I-68 W/US-40 W
177 mi / 2 h 39 min
9. Merge onto I-97 N9.1 mi
10. Keep right at the fork to stay on I-97 N, follow signs for I-695 W/Baltimore/Towson0.8 mi 11. Merge onto I-695 W9.1 mi
12. Take exit 16-16A-16B to merge onto I-70 W toward Frederick91.0 mi
13. Use the left 2 lanes to take exit 1A for I-68 W/US-40 W toward Cumberland0.3 mi
14. Continue onto I-68 W/US-40 W65.9 mi
15. Take exit 14B to merge onto US-40 W toward Uniontown0.7 mi
Get on US-119 N/US-40 W in Leith-Hatfield32.1 mi / 37 min
16. Merge onto US-40 W0.1 mi
17. Turn left to stay on US-40 W31.3 mi
Entering Pennsylvania
18. Use the left 2 lanes to take the ramp onto US-119 N/US-40 W0.7 mi
Take PA-43 N to Finleyville Elrama Rd in Union. Take exit 48 from PA-43 N
19. Merge onto US-119 N/US-40 W38.2 mi / 36 min
Continue to follow US-119 N
20. Take the Pennsylvania 43 N exit toward Brownsville/Pittsburgh3.1 mi
21. Continue onto PA-43 N
Partial toll road0.8 mi
22. Take exit 48 toward Finleyville/W Elizabeth33.9 mi
Toll road
Take PA-88 N and Logan Rd to South Hills Village in Bethel Park
23. Turn left onto Finleyville Elrama Rd0.4 mi
24. Continue onto Washington Ave9.3 mi / 21 min
25. Turn right onto PA-88 N/Sheridan Ave0.8 mi
Continue to follow PA-88 N
26. Turn left onto Logan Rd0.3 mi
27. Turn right onto Bethel Church Rd5.3 mi
28. Use any lane to turn slightly left onto Fort Couch Rd2.0 mi
29. Turn left onto Village Dr0.3 mi
30. Turn right onto South Hills Village0.4 mi
Destination will be on the right 0.1 mi
128 ft
301 S Hills Village

From Philadelphia(East):
Get on I-76 W from PA-611 S and PA-3 W/John F Kennedy Blvd W
1. Head south on PA-611 S toward S Penn Square
2. Keep left to continue on PA-611 S/S Penn Square
Continue to follow PA-611 S
3. Continue straight onto PA-3 W/John F Kennedy Blvd W
4. Use the right lane to turn slightly right onto Schuylkill Ave W
5. Use the right lane to take the Interstate 76 W ramp to Valley Forge
6. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-76 W/Valley/Forge and merge onto I-76 W
Continue on I-76 W to Rostraver. Take exit 46B from I-70 W
1.6 mi / 7 min
125 ft
0.4 mi 0.9 mi 236 ft 0.2 mi 456 ft
281 mi / 4 h 17 min
3.9 mi 13.9 mi
79.0 mi
173 mi
0.6 mi 10.8 mi 0.2 mi

7. 8. 9.
12. 13.
Merge onto I-76 W
Keep left to stay on I-76 W
Use the left 2 lanes to stay on I-76 W toward Harrisburg
Toll road
Keep left to stay on I-76 W
Toll road
Take exit 75 for I-70 W toward Wheeling WV
Partial toll road
Continue onto I-70 W
Take exit 46B to merge onto PA-51 N toward Pittsburgh
Continue on PA-51 N. Take Broughton Rd to South Hills Village in Bethel Park
https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Philadelphia,+P A/301+S+Hills+Village,+Pittsburgh,+P A+15241/@39.7800036,-79.9630194,7z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x... 1/2
8/11/2015 Philadelphia, PA to 301 S Hills Village, Pittsburgh, PA 15241 - Google Maps
14. Merge onto PA-51 N
15. Take the exit toward Bethel Park/South Park/Curry Hollow Road
16. Merge onto Lebanon Church Rd
17. Continue onto Curry Hollow Rd
18. Continue onto Brownsville Rd
19. Slight right toward Broughton Rd
20. Slight right onto Broughton Rd
21. Continue onto Bethel Church Rd
22. Turn right onto Fort Couch Rd
23. Turn left onto Village Dr
24. Turn right onto South Hills Village
Destination will be on the right
301 S Hills Village Pittsburgh, PA 15241

From Ohio (West):
Get on I-71 S in Bennington from OH-229 E
1. Head south on Kilbourne-Cardington Rd toward OH-229 W
2. Turn left onto OH-229 E
3. Turn right onto OH-61 S
4. Turn right to merge onto I-71 S
7.3 mi / 10 min
0.7 mi 4.5 mi 1.8 mi 0.3 mi
Continue on I-71 S. Take I-270 E and I-70 E to Weavertown Rd in North Strabane. Take exit 45 from I-79 N
5. Merge onto I-71 S
6. Take exit 119A for Interstate 270 E toward Wheeling
7. Merge onto I-270 E
8. Use the right 3 lanes to take exit 41A-41B-43A-43B for US-40 E/Main St/I-70 toward Reynoldsburg/Columbus/Wheeling
193 mi / 2 h 52 min
20.8 mi 0.2 mi 15.0 mi
0.6 mi 1.0 mi 0.6 mi
111 mi
10.7 mi 0.3 mi
9. Keep left to continue toward I-70 E
10. Use the 2nd from the left lane to keep left at the fork and follow signs for I-270/Cincinnati
11. Keep right at the fork to continue on Exit 43B, follow signs for I-70 E/Wheeling and merge onto I-70 E
12. Keep right at the fork to continue on I-470 E, follow signs for Bellaire/Washington Pa
Entering West Virginia
13. Continue onto I-70 E
14. Keep left to stay on I-70 E
Entering Pennsylvania
26.2 mi
15. Take exit 18 to merge onto I-79 N toward Pittsburgh
16. Take exit 45 toward PA-980/Canonsburg
Follow US-19 N to South Hills Village in Bethel Park
17. Turn right onto Weavertown Rd
18. Turn left onto US-19 N
19. Continue straight onto US-19 N/Washington Rd
20. Turn right onto Village Dr
21. Turn left onto South Hills Village
Destination will be on the right
301 S Hills Village Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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